Energy healing work stimulates the energy circuits in or around our body. Ultimately, it’s used to clear blockages, regain balance and help our body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Space Clearing and Crystal Gridding

Space clearing and crystal gridding is used to remove negative energy from a space and create positive energy and radiate new intention. As a result they can create a sacred space and nurture and protect those within a home or building. Crystal grids come from the union of energies between crystals, sacred geometry and intention.

Crystals are the most orderly material that exists in nature. Their atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure. This forms a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. It is this structure that allows crystals to respond to the inputs of different energies around them. Leading them to oscillate and emit specific vibratory frequencies. Furthermore, the vibratory frequency of crystals differs depending on the composition and colour of the crystal. Different crystals have different properties according to its colour, shape and mineral content. Indeed, these qualities guide the specific healing effect on the energy balance of the space in which they are used.

Crystal Gridding Crystal Gridging
Space Clearing Space Clearing

Crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations. Moreover, they affect our electro-magnetic energy fields or subtle bodies which surround and permeate the physical body.

Placed in strategic locations crystal grids create an energetic force within a space. Consequently gridding can clear a space of negativity and fill it with positive energy and intention. Within spaces such as a room, house, work-space, car or entire property the crystal grid can clear and charge the energy within the space with the intention of the grid.

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Space clearing and Gridding can help you to:

  • Prepare Your Home or Business for Change

  • Remove Stagnant Energy

  • Setting Space Intentions

  • Create Peaceful Environments

  • Invite Abundance and Prosperity Into a Space

  • Invoke Joy, Harmony and Protection

  • Clear Energy from Past Events or Death

  • Manifest Dreams, Goals and Intentions

  • Make New Spaces Your Own