Crystal and Reiki Healing can offer you a unique way to resolve and release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. Healing the mind, body and spirit.

Rebecca Macqueen

Resolve, release and clear mental and emotional trauma. Clear, balance and re-vitalize your energy systems. Stimulate the body’s natural healing response simultaneously. Experience the therapeutic benefits of Crystal and Reiki Healing on mind body and spirit.Working within the Launceston CBD, Rebecca offers Crystal and Reiki treatments to anyone seeking alternative, complementary or natural therapy. With the insight, knowledge and practical skills let Rebecca help bring about transformative healing. So let Rebecca help you become the best version of yourself.

Crystal Reiki Treatments

Re-balance energy flows and promote healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Experience deep meditative relaxation, stress and anxiety release and transform emotions through deep love and appreciation for life.

Promote the body’s own healing through Reiki, the ancient hands-on universal life force energy technique originating from Japan.

Calibrate the vibrations within the chakras by using the harmonics of individual crystals and stones placed on and around the body.


Space Clearing and Crystal Gridding

Clear negative stagnant energy and invoke joy, harmony and protection through a network of crystals placed at strategic locations within the home, property or workplace.

Shift spacial energy and create sacred spaces that nurture and protect those within them. Maintain the energy of a situation by anchoring energy.

Experience the power of a crystal gridding from the union of energies created between crystals, sacred geometry and intention.


Looking to make positive holistic changes ?

Are you at a point in your life where you are ready to take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being?

Do you struggle with past trauma or negative behavior and thinking patterns?

Find it difficult to set goals and follow through or find it difficult to be and remain positive?

If this sounds like you then Rebecca can help. Take that first step and enquire today. You have so much to look forward to on your journey towards a balanced and uncluttered mind and body.

Rebecca Macqueen has the insight, knowledge and practical skills to bring about transformative healing. Let Rebecca help you become the best version of yourself.

Centrally located within the Launceston CBD, and available for appointments Wednesday through to Saturday.

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“Rebecca not only identified emotional blockages from my childhood, she was able to release and clear them. Many of which were repressed to the point that I didn’t consciously know they existed. Thank you Rebecca, for helping me map my unconscious emotional blockages.” Christiaan